Refrigerants for HVAC System: Here is what you must know

A HVAC system is nothing without a refrigerant, and having a clear idea about choosing the right one for your system is essential. The right type of refrigerant will ensure that your HVAC system runs efficiently and optimally all year long. Here is what you must know about refrigerants for HVAC systems.

What is a Refrigerant?

In simple terms, a refrigerant is a medium that is utilised for the conveyance of heat.

What are the types of refrigerants available?

At the moment, the types of refrigerant for HVAC systems are namely Freon (R-22), R-407C, Puron (R- 410A) and R-134a, R-32.

  • Freon (R-22)

Freon used to be the most utilised refrigerant in AC units until it was found to be depleting the ozone layer. Its production and use have since been phased out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • R-134a 

This refrigerant is widely utilised and accepted globally. It has no destructive effect on the ozone layer and it also a no-glide HVAC refrigerant. R-134a is world’s most commercialised eco-friendly refrigerant.

  • Puron (R-410A)

This is the most commonly utilised refrigerant and Like R-134a, Puron does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer and it has been allowed for use in newer HVAC models. However, Puron operates at a pressure higher than that of Freon, so your HVAC system must be adequately equipped to handle this increase in operating pressure.

  • R-407C

This is also an eco-friendly refrigerant and it is similar to Freon in terms of operation. However, its efficiency is much lower because of its reduced pressure. R-407C feature a far apart difference between condensing and evaporating temperatures. This difference is technically referred to as high-glide.

How to choose the Appropriate Refrigerant for your System

Having gotten a clear idea of types of refrigerants available, which should you then choose?

The choice of refrigerant is dependent on the type of system you are using. Generally, R-410A is mostly recommended by HVAC professionals because of its performance efficiency and environmentally friendly nature.


For instance, if by any chance you are still using an older HVAC system and you do not intend to upgrade just yet, then it is advisable that you choose R-407C or another refrigerant similar to Freon in operation. This is because the pressure at which R-407C operates can still be handled by your ageing system.

If you are using more recent HVAC system, R-410A is best for you because it is designed for newer AC units. Older models will probably be unable to handle the pressure of R-410A.

  • R-32

This is referred to as the next generation refrigerant and it is currently receiving all the attention. In comparison with popular refrigerants, R-32 has a GWP that is 1/3 lower. It moves heat efficiently and can help you cut your electric power consumption by 10%.




You must know that choosing the wrong refrigerant for your system can result in damage to parts, or leakage of refrigerant. If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to contact an HVAC technician for clarity and advise.

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